RIP Carmine Infantino

Dang, I didn’t see this until today — Carmine Infantino passed away on Thursday. Infantino designed the Silver Age Flash’s now-iconic red and yellow costume. He drew “Flash of Two Worlds,” a landmark story published in The Flash #123 that introduced Earth-Two to DC Comics.  He also helped coordinate the cross-publisher comic “Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man.” Continue reading RIP Carmine Infantino

Strip Search #10: Opposite World

Great episode and probably the most intense “draw-off” competition yet.  I did not agree with the judges decision this time but I kind of get why they went the way they did. Interestingly enough it looks like the average for the Strip Show episodes right now is somewhere just south of 50,000 views (I’m assuming each one is posted once to YouTube) although the first … Continue reading Strip Search #10: Opposite World