Bookmark: Warren Ellis (Novels)

So yeah Warren Ellis has written a metric ton of comics, but only two prose novels: Crooked Little Vein and Gun Machine.  Crooked Little Vein was a blast of weirdness, weird subcultures and hypnotic conspiracy building that if you had the stomach for was your favorite book that year.  Gun Machine, relatively,  feels far more straightforward.  It’s still strapped to a framework of something deep … Continue reading Bookmark: Warren Ellis (Novels)

Wish You Were Here In Templar, AZ

I’m re-reading Spike’s Templar, AZ and I just finished the first chapter.  It really is a fantastic bit of story-telling; a complete in and of itself short story which ends on a nice grace note for mainly central character Ben. I remember at the time that myself and a lot of readers were surprised at the broad world-building route Spike took after this first chapter. … Continue reading Wish You Were Here In Templar, AZ