Strip Search Recap: Monica Versus Lexxy

Another elimination contest and afterwards there are only five Stripsearch contestants left:

Spoilers spoiled and more after the break –Entertaining as most of the elimination episodes have been but Monica may have been the most awkward participant in the elimination contest so far.  Which has nothing ultimately to do with the fact that she lost. No that has to do with the fact that she went for emotion and a concept over an actual laugh which is a priority for the Penny Arcade guys.

I did not laugh hard myself at Lexxy’s comic but it did have an actual moment of mirth in it and a punch line last panel which was good enough for her to win and hang on another episode.  Monica’s strip may have won if she had done a better job of constructing her comic and tightening up the ending — anything that really delivered something at then end might have been enough.

Regardless having seen two of Lexxy’s comics now I would put her as a longshot to win.  Katie is very good and has a sense of humor she can deliver both with words and the art itself.  Tavis and Maki both know how to deliver a joke. Abby delivered something right in the PA wheelhouse in her elimination contest win but I wonder if that was a but fluky.  I’ve been reading her comic now and while it’s fun, it’s rarely as intentionally funny as her comic on Strips Search was.  Still she was utterly confident during her stint in the elimination zone and I think her self-confidence is probably sky high now.

Here’s my guess for who’s most likely to win the whole thing at the end:

1. Katie

2. Abby

3. Tavis

4. Maki

5. Lexxy

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