Strip Search Recap: Fast and Furious Five

After a couple of kind of boring challenge episodes Katie picks Abby and Tavis to head off to the elimination zone.  Who will win? Who will talk the most smack back to Mike and Jerry?

Spoilers ahead!

Finally a REDRAW ticket gets used.  Abby cashes in her ticket to draw another idea.  Theater gets replaced with cars.  Cats and cars is an interesting premise.  Lots of banter of course and Mike and Abby go back and forth.

Abby wins with a funny enough joke.  Not quite as hilarious as her last elimination contest comic but the Penny Arcade guys thought it was crazy funny so it looks like Abby’s sense of humour is right on target for Jerry and Mike.

Tavis went for the visual and his joke was as simple as a giant cat on top of a car with mouse ear.  Great art, but not the kind of developed and structured joke that Jerry and Mike have been looking for.

So only four contestants left – which works out to three more elimination contests left (which is nine more episodes, right?).  Last time I guessed who was going to win, I had Abby second after Katie with Tavis third.  I still have to guess Katie has an edge but Abby clearly a chance to win the whole thing.  My gut is still that Maki beats Lexxy but there actually should be a bit of strategy going into the end here.  If I was Lexxy or Maki I would put Katie against Abby next just to get one of them out of the way.  On the other hand if you’re Katie, do you put Abby back up against Lexxy or Maki or do you give Abby a break for  a week?  If you’re Abby I would guess you put Katie up against whomever of Lexxy and Maki you are the most nervous about.

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