Strip Search Recap: Halfway Done

After today’s elimination show there are only six contestants left on Strip Search.  That’s another 18 episodes which is about 9 more weeks.  I guess that means we’ll have a winner in June or July (someone look it up on a calendar, okay?).

Tavis won last Tuesday’s convention sketching contest and so he had the dubious honor of picking the contestants for the elimination show.  Without much to go on he picked Erika and Abby.  Check out the episode; spoilers after the break:

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Odori Park: Let’s Put On a Graphic Novel!

Odori Park by Chris Watkins has a tag line of “East Marries West.”  I’ve been an off and on reader since it started back in 2009, but definitely on again this year.  It’s very cute, slice of family life comic with a dash of culture clash thrown in.  I liked the very recent storyline where the main characters are inspired to create a graphic novel … Continue reading Odori Park: Let’s Put On a Graphic Novel!