Strip Search Recap: Maki Versus Lexxy

Maki versus Lexxy and after one goes home we are down to three contestants:

Spoilers after the jump:

Building jokes off “religion” and “candy” (after Maki used his redraw ticket) Maki went with a pretty funny rapture joke.  I thought it was funnier than the judges did (although they did make positive comments about it).  Lexxy went with a mock-dramatic strip that dressed up Wizard of Oz characters in religious terms.  The comic had a very Sin City feel which I think actually could be funny over a longer story.  But it didn’t have a joke.  It suffered from all of the problem longer form comics have with updating on the web in a serialized manner, struggling to find a “moment” for each “unit” of updating.

Another set of judges could have picked Lexxy’s comic, but it would have been very unlikely for the Penny Arcade guys to do so.

Heading into the last two elimination challenges I’d say Maki should try very very very hard to win the next pre-elimination contest challenge so he doesn’t have to go up against both Abby and Katie.  I think he’s a long shot to win but even more doubtful that he can run the table of remaining elimination contests.

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