Yes, Thank You Cory Doctorow

Killing time, surfing Feedly feeds and saw this post from Willy-Bob Wheaton recalling a story about the time he sent his first draft of his a book he was working on Cory Doctorow to read and Cory gave him the honest truth: there’s a good tale in there but the writing ain’t so great.  Eventually Wheaton overcomes self-doubt generated by said tough love, and does the tough work of rewriting and rewriting until he gets his first book published.  Nice illustration of the first law of Ira Glass.

Anyhow Wheaton linked to a site called  I Write Like which purports to analyze something you’ve written and tell you who you write like.  Wheaton was happy he got “You write like Cory Doctorow” and I just put in a piece of an unfinished story AND I got “You write like Cory Doctorow”.  I would also take it as a complement but I’m a little suspicious of the website since it doesn’t divulge any details on what it actually does to come up with an answer.

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