Battle of the Beards

English Facial Hair Versus American Facial Hair!  Comics Curmudgeon Versus Music Mensch! There is a great article on Rick Rubin in the Daily Beast. Rubin has produced an eclectic range of bands — his most recent effort producing the new Black Sabbath album.  I remember hearing about this guy when the first Beastie Boys album came out and there was a swirl of comments about how … Continue reading Battle of the Beards

Carl Malamud: Free the Blue Book!

Boing Boing wrote up Carl Malamud’s latest project – this one to convince the law school owners of the standard for legal citation, The Bluebook, to donate it back to the public.  Here’s the broader issue of which The Bluebook is but a piece.  The LAW is a written system of rules for society — procedurally a collection of systems has evolved that we are … Continue reading Carl Malamud: Free the Blue Book!