Ignatz Award Nominees Announced

The Bricks are awarded at the annual SPX comics festival in Bethesda, Maryland in September. The nominees for Outstanding Online Comic are an interesting mix: Bird Boy by Annie Szabla Haunter by Sam Alden Gabby’s Playhouse  by Gabby Schulz July Diary by Gabrielle Bell SuperMutant Magic Academy by Jillian Tamaki I’ve heard of all of them except for Haunter but haven’t actually read any of them!! Always nice to have … Continue reading Ignatz Award Nominees Announced

Bookmark: Project Skin Horse

Shaenon Garrity’s webcomic Project Skin Horse is a worthy successor to her first webcomic Narbonic.  Both are wacky takes on mad science with a whole lot of fun mixed in.  It’s the end of the world, maybe, but also stylish. I started over reading this comic and I’m not even halfway through the archives at Comic Rocket, but I have hit the introduction of Tigerlily … Continue reading Bookmark: Project Skin Horse

Tripp’s Wacky Tripping Life

Tripp is a two year old webcomic with a sitcom-worthy premise: main character Tripp, unknowingly, licked some really potent acid and is on a perpetual trip.  The strip below, about halfway through the archives is a good summary of the plot to that point: It’s far from perfect but there are a lot of good things happening in this comic.  Creator Bill Taylor, even at … Continue reading Tripp’s Wacky Tripping Life

Ten Years of Questionable Content

Jeph Jacques Questionable Content is ten years old.  That’s a webcomic I’ve read from just about the beginning and it’s been not only a fun read but exciting to see Jacques improve in his craft so much (and so publicly). Check out the ComixTalk interview with Jeph from 2004 — such adorable art!  ComixTalk also reviewed the webcomic in 2005 and had another interview in … Continue reading Ten Years of Questionable Content