Tripp’s Wacky Tripping Life

Tripp is a two year old webcomic with a sitcom-worthy premise: main character Tripp, unknowingly, licked some really potent acid and is on a perpetual trip.  The strip below, about halfway through the archives is a good summary of the plot to that point:

It’s far from perfect but there are a lot of good things happening in this comic.  Creator Bill Taylor, even at this point in 2012, is getting better at the art, which feels more organic and has fewer moments of awkward people posing (click on the most recent comics at the site to see how the artwork continues to improve).  The premise is great — overlaying this ridiculous acid trip on top of an office situation.  How can you go wrong with the ghost of Edgar Allen Poe as a spirit guide?!  The individual strips are still a bit hit and miss with some jokes in particular falling outside of a character’s personality and feeling  forced.  But enough funny moments to make trawling the archive a pretty good read so far.

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