Bookmark: Project Skin Horse

Shaenon Garrity’s webcomic Project Skin Horse is a worthy successor to her first webcomic Narbonic.  Both are wacky takes on mad science with a whole lot of fun mixed in.  It’s the end of the world, maybe, but also stylish. I started over reading this comic and I’m not even halfway through the archives at Comic Rocket, but I have hit the introduction of Tigerlily Jones, the first woman who can resist the charms of main character Tip.

What I think Garrity does well besides having an awesome sense of humor is create seemingly cliched wacky characters but then layering in personality and building a consistent world around them.  I mean the main characters of Skin Horse are an Addams Family version of Charlie’s Angels: an intelligent dog named Sweetheart; a patchwork zombie named Unity and a cross-dressing ex-army soldier named Tip.  Their boss is an intelligent swarm of bees and they work with a cyborg helicopter with the brain of a barely socialized videogame addict.


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