Quick think of a witty title!

I strongly suspect people are going to look back on the hey-day of blogging like a strange fad that they won’t be able to fathom.  As a form it’s shattered and reconfigured in so many ways — twitter; texts; social networking; medium and other community slash platform sites just to name what popped into my head right now.

Oh and I’ve been busy.  I realize I’m talking to a relatively empty (okay completely) “room” but these Internet posts, they live forever don’t they? (Or until the hosts go bankrupt or the technology go obsolete  I suppose).

So I got a review copy from Scholastic of Star Wars Jedi Academy Return of the Padawan! by Jeffrey Brown (noted as “New York Times bestselling author” Jeffrey Brown on the cover, which is true!) which is a sequel to Brown’s Star Wars: Jedi Academy.  It’s got a quasi-comic, quasi-illustrated story format — sort of like the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.  It’s cute, adorable, and filled with fairly silly jokes.  It’s a good grade school book, but even older kids can appreciate Brown’s comic chops. And it’s still just fun seeing Jeffrey Brown + Star Wars (Brown has now created 4 Star Wars comics including Darth Vader and Son, and Vader’s Little Princess.)  Return of the Padawan! is due out in late July.


One thought on “Quick think of a witty title!

  1. People are a lot more like cats than we think. Cats want to play but will get fat and lazy if they can watch another cat hunt outside their window.

    We don’t think we need direct experience. As long as we can watch, sublimate, and feel accomplished through other people. “I know what it’s like to be successful, because I listen to a successful person’s podcast.” No ambitions, no need for participation. As long as the wild cat notices us watching them, and puts a paw up on the window, we can feel like their prowess is our own.

    Social media empowers very few people, who become momentary centers of attention for what they accomplish in life, and it destroys the social skills and willingness to participate or attempt one’s own thing when self doubt about ever reaching the level of others (or self satisfaction from getting the minor attention of those who get a lot of attention) overrides the original impulse to play.

    You are completely right about the attitude that these conversations in empty rooms last forever, someone eventually reads it, there are a million reasons not to respond or make it clear that what you say is appreciated, and when we randomly tap our paws to the glass (like I’m doing now) it can seem like we’re only using you as a platform to ramble or get personal attention.

    Social media needs to be something more than touching each other in the dark, and speaking up is always a fight against a hundred well documented misgivings. That these rooms exist and are open to anyone is what’s important, as well as the help and sharing of interests.

    I don’t think ‘blogging’ is a fad, more of scratching the surface of a holistic and wild media not controlled by Ted Turner or Rupert Murdoch. Like they said in Hackers: we’re internet cowboys. Keep on rustlin’


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