Comics People, Groups and Events in the DCMV

Is the term DMV for the Maryland, DC, Virginia area over yet?  I always thought it should be “the DCMV” but obviously I am not plugged into the crowd for creation and popularization of alternative language-ology.

Anyhow I noticed that Tom Spurgeon has not updated his great list of comics scenes in a couple of years (or at least I could only find one as recent as 2012). For conventions he’s listed Small Press Expo but needs to add Intervention, a new convention started by Onezumi and Harknell a few years ago. I think the DC Conspiracy group is still going relatively strong but the Washington Webtoonists group is dead, dead, dead.

On the people front I’m pasting Tom’s list so I can update it this summer (maybe I can send Tom an update before SPX this fall).

Lamar Abrams
Rand Arrington
Michael Auger
Rob Balder
Marty Baumann
Nate Beeler
Sal Buscema
Jerry Carr
Michael Cavna
Jo Chen
Ben Claasen
Steve Conley
Matt Dembicki
Jim Dougan
Tim Dzon
Ron Evry
Barb Fischer
Chris Flick
Mike Fluggenock
Otis Frampton
Nick Galifianakis
John Gallagher
Shannon Gallant
David Hagen
Chris Impink
Evan Keeling
Jonathan Luna
Joshua Luna
Shawn Martinbrough
Carla Speed McNeil
Ken Meyer Jr.
Pop Mhan
Jamie Noguchi
Kevin Rechin
Mike Rhode
RM Rhodes
Larry Rodman
Mark Ruffin
Marc Singer
John K. Snyder III
Joseph Szadzowski
Ann Telnaes
Richard Thompson
Tom Toles
Jon White
John E. Williams
Matt Wuerker
Xaviar Xerexes
Clay Yount
Hampton Yount

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