Titan is an exciting new science fiction webcomic

Really enjoyed reading what’s posted so far for Titan by François Vigneault.  It’s a bit unfortunate that it doesn’t quite have the standard reader friendly website design we’ve all gotten used to but it isn’t too difficult to read.  Vigneault has constructed an immediately interesting world with a tension building scenario.  Workers on Titan are genetically engineered for their environment but can no longer survive on Earth.  Their livelihood is now at stake and management in the form of João da Silva has arrived to try and accomplish a turnaround of the local factory.  Call it a company moon, I guess.

It’s not clear what the update schedule is but it’s well worth reading and bookmarking to check in on.

Update (February 2108):  It was great coming back to this and re-reading the entirety of the comic all at once.  All in all a fairly small intense story with an extended high level coda to give it some closure.  Vigneault’s art is very enjoyable — the style is just messy enough to be a perfect fit for a story on a degrading mining mood.titan-164

One thought on “Titan is an exciting new science fiction webcomic

  1. Thanks so much for this kind feedback! I truly appreciate it. Titan has always had an erratic update schedule, unfortunately, but I am hoping that it will stay relatively on track as a page-a-week serial throughout the rest of the year. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any thoughts, questions, or criticism of the story as it moves forward!



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