Dave Kellett on Making

Making by SheldonDave Kellett’s Sheldon is still one of my constant favorites on the virtual comics page. This one is more of an inspirational poster, but a nice conclusion to his recent storyline on creating and art.  Talking about creating and its value almost always has a personal resonance for me, given the twists and turns in my life regarding sitting down and making stuff (or not).

The other really strong entry in this series of Sheldon strips was this one that touched on the perpetual challenge of any artist who takes the art seriously — as you improve your knowledge and craft and work on your chosen art you increasingly appreciate the distance you still have to go.  I think I am quoting Ira Glass closely enough but he said something like the very fact that you got into art is your taste and it is your taste that is judging so harshly your initial efforts to create.  Or as Dave Kellett put it, ” Art is working harder to get better at feeling worse… or practice makes perfect.”

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