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I’m not feeling all that amazing today but conscious enough to read webcomics and maybe clack on some keys. I noticed that Sinfest actually updated it’s website design.  Still simple but certainly cleaner and with the benefit of newer artwork in the logo.

Another thing looking at the Sinfest site reminded me of is that creator Tatsuya Ishida has kept his sparsely update “Notes from the Resistance” archives on the site all the way back to the first post in January 31, 2000 (not that far after the first comic was posted):

January 31, 2000

Because man does not live by porn alone
Posted by Tatsuya Ishida

While scoping out websites of like-minded artists, some very professional, some very not, I thought to myself: Funky cold Medina. Here survive the lost, unsung warriors of comic strip art, the Not-Ready-For-Syndication misfits and rejects, broke but not yet broken, peddling their labor of love like cheap whores (or, to use more delicate parlance, discount whores), in a grungy, backwoods subculture of freelance burnouts and dreamers. Sounds like my kind of place. Let’s tango and cash y’all.

Ishida has never shared much about himself online, he clearly is a private person with regards to his audience.  No great lesson learned from flipping through a few of his early entries other than to remind oneself that the webcomic one makes earlier in life (2000) probably should evolve a heck of a lot if you are still updating it in 2014.

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