One Way

A few quick thoughts on Christopher Baldwin’s One Way, his newest webcomic project and another story with a large group of characters in a science fiction setting.  His last webcomic Spacetrawler had a similar mix of elements and quickly became one of my favorites (and a whole lot of other people too).  For me, the biggest difference at the outset between these two comics is the unlikeability of the characters in One Way.  Initially I really hated each and every one of them, which does make it hard to identify with the story.  However, by now Baldwin has earned a lot of trust from his readers and for me, I stuck with it.  I think this story is a much larger gamble than the construct behind Spacetrawler but now that I’ve seen a few of the twists and plot points (and we can’t be any more than halfway into the story) in One Way, I’m starting to to care about this dysfunctional crew and wonder what fate has in store for them.


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