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I was a big fan of the webcomic Tune by Derek Kirk Kim. I just grabbed the print books – Vanishing Point (book 1) and Still Life (book 2) to re-read. The artist on book 2 was Les McClaine who does a faithful job with the template created by Derek.  It’s a great premise and I enjoyed re-reading it.

I searched around to see if there was any talk about further updates — I recall the webcomic went kaput because Derek was focused on the print versions but really haven’t found anything that would clarify whether book 2 was enough of a success that First Second Books would be publishing a third volume.

I totally missed the existence of the video adaptation, Mythomania, which has a couple of seasons posted on youtube.  I hope it’s well done — it would be nice to see the further adventures of Andy Go while waiting for Book 3 to arrive.  UPDATE: And now I know why I missed it — it’s not really at all the same as Tune.  Instead it’s a story about a cartoonist named Andy Go who (at least after 5 episodes) is living a pretty ordinary life for a cartoonist in LA with some standard sitcom complications.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying it (and cartoonist Jason Shiga was surprisingly good in his cameo) but it’s best not to think of it as having anything to do with Tune.

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