Working on ComixTALK: Old Content Disappearing

Remember Comixtalk? Totally dormant for a couple of years (some might argue dormant for close to a decade! hey now..) as I turned to this site for the sporadic writing I still do.  But after a couple of years away I started getting notions (for reasons!) about remodeling the old site and focusing on the aspects of it that right now seem like they would be interesting to me.

So I have set up a test site with the current site imported and begun to work on it.  First thing (and here I wish I had a bigger megaphone to let people know) is I’m stripping out a lot of the content.  Forums, blog posts, and other random things that got created there are not going to be on the new version of the site. I’m planning on keeping an archive of my posts (basically a lot of the site was me blogging about comics) and the old features and columns.  The new site will still feature the reviews and interviews in the archives.  I’m pretty sure the comments are going away too.  While a lot of this stuff has some value as a record of webcomics in the early part of the turn of the century, there’s a lot of it and most of it isn’t anything anyone is going to re-read. And the site desperately needs to be streamlined both visibly and under the hood.

But I did get catch a bit of nostalgia working on it and I recognized a ton of people who had posted, commented, written and in some cases syndicated material to ComixTALK (cross-posted their own blogs?): Terrence Marks, Neal VonFlue, Spike, Burke, Kris Straub, Gary Chaloner, Sam Costello, Tyler Martin, Donna Barr, Greg “ZWOL” Stephens, Eric and Wednesday, Neil Cohn, Tim Demeter, James Turner, Joe Zabel, Dave Roman, Alexander D, Raina Telgemeier, Chris Watkins, Faith Erin Hicks, Merlin, Cat, John Troutman, Nate Piekos, Tom Brazelton, Shannon Garrity, T Campbell, Ben Tweep, Derik Badman, Jennie Breeden, Rob Balder, Scott Kurtz, Andrew Farago, AP Furtado, August J Pollack, DJ Coffman, Mark Mekkes, Jamie Robertson, Justin P, Steve Bryant, Jerzy Drozd, Ryan Estrada, Tracy White, Dave Wright, Adrian Ramos, Rick Box, Krishna Sadasivim, Grant Thomas, Josh L., Steve Troop, Eric Millikin, Joey Manley, Jon Rosenberg, Chris Crosby…

Totally random list from mucking around in the database.  If I tried to start remembering every interesting person I met from the site the list would be a lot lot longer.

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