Novel in Progress: Week 1

From Here To There There is a particularly dull aspect to life as an adult where all of the rough edges are rounded off through self-imposed peer pressure.  Tentative steps at negotiating a path between your own impulses and inner life with the unstated expectations of the very serious adults around you turn into heavier and heavier footsteps on a road.  Days turn into months … Continue reading Novel in Progress: Week 1

The Magicians Trilogy

Lev Grossman has written three Magicians books about Quentin Coldwater, Brakebills Academy and the magical land of Narnia Fillory. (By the way you can buy a print of the image above here)  The first novel, The Magicians, took familiar tropes from a whole river of fantasy literature and invested in them a seriousness of emotion and consequence that was quite cathartic for me.  In particular, … Continue reading The Magicians Trilogy