Ancient Web History

I found an old list of web accounts from roughly the turn of the century — most of them don’t exist or don’t work anymore.  The tools and the trends of the web change and change and change.

  • Does anyone remember “groups” — Egroups and Yahoo Groups and much later Google Groups.
  • Forums – aka bulletin boards?  I had one powered by Ikonboard.  EZ Board sites?
  • Hit counters? Extreme Tracker, Hitbox?
  • Banner exchanges and webrings?
  • Cafe Press?  (is that still around?)
  • Top 100 this or that sites?
  • Free webhosting sites like Geocities, Tripod, Crosswinds, Lycos?
  • The great open sourced Yahoo competitor – Open Directory Project?
  • Comics sites like Cartoons Forum (Linkies Surf List!), Keenspace?

Looking back on this it’s amazing how much better the web has gotten but I do miss some of the flavor of those old stomping grounds.  People you interacted with that you probably won’t connect with in the same way again.

The INTERNET is temporary, except when it embarrasses you.

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