Jason Shiga’s Demon

Have you been reading Jason Shiga’s webcomic Demon?  It’s a fantastic book — thrilling, disturbing and thought-provoking.  If you’ve ever read past comics by Shiga (and you should!) you know he has an almost cute, but precise cartoony art style which he combines with a passion for puzzle-driven narratives and  logic-driven characters.

Demon is about a man who discovers that he is a demon who possesses humans.  Jason Shiga sets up his world with some rules to cover the existence of demons and then takes delight in extrapolating to ridiculous ends what that would mean.  I really don’t want to give anything away so just strongly encourage you to go read and be prepared to be surprised several times.

(It is kind of disturbing at times but mostly in terms of the story — Jason’s art is really too cute to be gross even with a lot of dead bodies popping up in the story.)

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