REWIND: Men In Black

Watched Men In Black with M last night — it holds up pretty well actually.  Still think the whole “galaxy in a marble” plot point probably should have been explained a bit — it’s such a pointless macguffin it does kind of derail the world-building of the movie for me.

I had forgotten a couple of things — one how much the movie milked the “celebrities are really aliens” joke.  The supermarket rags as the source of the real news is cute.  There was also a joke about replacing CDs with a much smaller CD — that one was completely lost on the X-girl.

But also why didn’t the series keep Linda Fiorentino around?  The first movie actually ends with Tommy Lee Jones leaving the MiB service and Linda taking over as Will Smith’s partner.  I guess Tommy Lee Jones was a big star but I would have much rather have watched sequels with Linda and Will.

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