Y: The Last Man

I never got around to writing a bookmark post for Y: The Last Man but with the news that FX is going to make a series (probably!) based on it, I want to add something about it to the blog.

10 years after the series wrapped up its run, I read it in the collected version (10 volumes from Vertigo).  (I seriously cannot get my head around the fact that 2008 was ten years ago).  The series has a huge BIG idea for a premise – something mysteriously wipes out all of the men on Earth, except for one Yorick Brown and his monkey Ampersand.  It is a fantastic graphic novel with pretty strong characters and amazing art and design.  Great premise, action and suspense and real emotional arc in the story – definitely recommended to almost anyone.

I go back and forth on the ending – initially I was frustrated with most of it in a way I remember the ending of the teevee show Lost – being simulataneously disappointed and emotionally overwrought at it tried to wrap up different character’s fates.  Like Lost, not all of the questions raised by the scenario of this world get answered in a… satisfactory way, but there is a closure to the lives of the characters you spent a good deal of time with.  That is pretty impressive to pull off in any story.

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