Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Stories

So I read a lot of Arthur C. Clarke and Ray Bradbury novels and short stories as a child.  I did not read Isaac Asimov — not really sure why to be honest and something I had a nagging sense I should rectify at various points of adulthood.  So first things first, I had to figure out in what order I should read the various novels and stories that make up the saga of The Foundation.  And luckily for me, Isaac Asimov, included in his Author’s Note to Prelude to Foundation, a chronological guide to his stories:

The Robot Series

  1. I. Robot (1950) Collection of Short Stories about robots.
  2. The Caves of Steel (1954) His first Robot novel.
  3. The Naked Sun (1957) The second Robot novel.
  4. The Robots of Dawn (1983) The third Robot novel.
  5. Robots and Empire (1985) The final Robot novel.

The Empire Series

  1. The Currents of Space (1952) The first Empire novel.
  2. The Stars, Like Dust– (1951) The second Empire novel.
  3. Pebble in the Sky (1950) The third and final Empire novel.

The Foundation Series

  1. Prelude to Foundation (1988) The first Foundation novel.
  2. Forward the Foundation (1992) The second Foundation novel.
  3. Foundation (1951) The third Foundation novel.
  4. Foundation and Empire (1952) The fourth Foundation novel.
  5. Second Foundation (1953) The fifth Foundation novel.
  6. Foundation’s Edge (1982) The sixth Foundation novel.
  7. Foundation and Earth (1983) The seventh Foundation novel.
An alternative reading order was put forward by a commenter on this discussion board which does not follow a strictly chronilogical order but seems to be more influenced by importance of the work and thematic continuity.
Foundation Order