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Altertainment is a word I coined about 15 years or so ago.  I’m sure others thought of it before me and others have done so since.  Still I like the word – a portmanteau of alternative and entertainment.

What is Altertainment.net?  Remember blogs? It’s basically a blog.  A lot of short posts on things I’m reading, watching, listening to; things I’m thinking about; hopefully sometimes about things I’m making or at least thinking about making.

Recently, I’ve found it incredibly useful to post bookmarks for myself on books, movies, music and games I’ve read.  From simply keeping track of where I am in long-running projects, to helping me connect thoughts I had upon differnt parts of a larger series or author’s oeuvre.  These are not so much reviews (not at all actually) as notes to myself.


Altertainment.net is the latest and hopefully last home for me on the wild west world wide web. I have had a nasty habit of slashing old websites to pieces when I start to see their flaws for too long.  I’ve left a trail of broken URLs over the years.  I’ve imported some of the contents of those sites into the archives here — it means there is some old material dating back to the nineties. I kind of wish I’d always kept one URL and its contents intact over the years, this is a belated effort to do that.

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