Words of Wisdom from Boulet

(Read the comic in its full size glory at Boulet’s website here!)  Yay me! I’m at home because the United States government can’t figure out how to handle the most basic responsibility of governance: adopting a budget!  I actually was called into work the first week of the shutdown but have now spent a week and a half at home, knocking down long-delayed errands and … Continue reading Words of Wisdom from Boulet

+1 NYCC Is The Price of Admission?

I saw the story about the NYCC essentially hijacking a number of its guests (did it include all attendees?) social media accounts (the story seemed to be about tweets though so maybe it was only twitter).  Crazy to think that anyone would think this would be okay.  Where would NYCC have gotten the idea from? Certainly not Facebook or Google+ right? Anyhow this recent Gutters … Continue reading +1 NYCC Is The Price of Admission?

The Lost Boy Is a Fun, Just Weird Enough, Mystery

The Lost Boy by Greg Ruth has a fairly basic story. Boy finds artifact and mysterious stranger(s) that lead him to a fantastical kingdom where he must complete his task to save the world. There really aren’t a lot of surprises here unless you’re totally unaware of stories of fairies and magic.  But Ruth does add some clever details, from the initial appearance of an … Continue reading The Lost Boy Is a Fun, Just Weird Enough, Mystery

A Post About Sinfest

Sinfest is the one of the best newspaper comics that never got a spot in the newspapers. (Granted a few rough edges would have had to been smoothed down but at its heart this is a PG comic.)  Rigorously following the format of the newspaper style and religiously updating every single day with a full colour extended Sunday edition, creator Tatsuya Ishida is talented and … Continue reading A Post About Sinfest

Boulet To You Sir, I Say Boulet!

Boulet is such a fun, imaginative artist — I’ve been crawling through the archives of his website.  So much of it is incredibly fun — it’s basically a journal comic but he really gives free rein to flights of fantasy in it.  I am kind of amazed at the output too – there is so much material and it’s all incredibly detailed and intricate. Maybe … Continue reading Boulet To You Sir, I Say Boulet!