David Bowie 1947 – 2016

David Robert Jones died yesterday at age 69 — which seems way too young.  I had no idea he was fighting liver cancer (which is reported as the cause of his death).  I wouldn’t say Bowie is my favorite artist ever but you couldn’t help but be impressed by the vitality of his career.  I have favorite songs from all parts of his career but … Continue reading David Bowie 1947 – 2016

Women’s League Soccer

We’ve had a decade and a half of professional women’s soccer in the U.S.which is often lost on people not paying attention.  Yes there have been three leagues in succession – because the first two only last 3 seasons each – but taken in total there has been professional women’s soccer in the U.S. since the famous 1999 U.S. world cup victory.  The first league, … Continue reading Women’s League Soccer

Oingo Boingo: Danny Elfman

The artistic genius, the driving force, the hub of Oingo Boingo is unquestionably Danny Elfman.  Others made key contributions to the sound of the band but there would be no oingo in the boingo with Elfman. He put out a solo album which for all intents and purposes is another Oingo Boingo album. The fact that the theater troupe transformed into the rock band and … Continue reading Oingo Boingo: Danny Elfman