Oingo Boingo: The Mystic Knights Of

The pop band Oingo Boingo started off an basically an experimental avant garde theatre troupe called the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo.  When I was growing up I just missed this phase of the band and in the pre-Internet era tracking down “knowledge” of all aspects of the band was not just a badge of your “fandom” of the band — it was hard.  … Continue reading Oingo Boingo: The Mystic Knights Of

Bookmark: Kim Stanley Robinson

I just finished Aurora, the latest novel from Kim Stanley Robinson.  Kim Stanley Robinson is a writer of hard science fiction who brings logical, methodical extrapolation to any topic he ponders.  He is, despite all of that, a fairly poetic fellow who often detours from physics to philosophy and the human condition. But still, hard science. Aurora is a very interesting but ultimately somewhat unsatisfying novel. … Continue reading Bookmark: Kim Stanley Robinson

Gimlet Media

I’ve been listening to Start Up a podcast about Alex Blumberg’s efforts to start-up a business to make podcasts (a business he names Gimlet Media for reason revealed in one of the episodes).  Blumberg comes with a great NPR pedigree having worked for both This American Life and Planet Money.  Start Up is very revealing, particularly because Blumberg knows so little about what he’s doing … Continue reading Gimlet Media

A Few Thoughts on World Cup 2014

So last year I wrote a thought piece on the current Confederations and their qualification systems for the World Cup.  About a month removed from this year’s World Cup in Brazil I am emerging from acute soccer withdrawal and wanted to note some thoughts about Brazil. First off, this was an exciting edition of the World Cup.  Great games, lots of goals and drama galore. … Continue reading A Few Thoughts on World Cup 2014