My Favorite: Videogames: FPS + RPG

There are only a handful of videogames that I have really and truly loved like a book, comic, movie or song.  The ones that readily come to mind are all post-school for me when computer technology finally got to the point where graphics and gameplay enabled the kind of world building and immersive story-telling that was a generation beyond the Atari 2600 games of my … Continue reading My Favorite: Videogames: FPS + RPG

Tropes in Distress

This first entry in The Tropes vs Women in Video Games project from Anita Sarkeesian (successfully funded on Kickstarter) covers “damsels in distress” and is quite good: We all grew up with videogames and while I don’t think any of it controls anyone’s behavior (as in the constant political grandstanding over violence in videogames) it does reflect and reinforce attitudes and patterns in society. Examining games with a … Continue reading Tropes in Distress

Three Panel Soul

Matt and Ian are webcomic pioneers and their second webcomic, Three Panel Soul is an impressionistic chronicle of twenty-something post collegiate life.  A little bit of relationships, a little bit of work, mix in some video-games and other cultural bits, all layered over realistic yet deeply stylized artwork and you’ve got a consistently interesting, often highly entertaining observational comic.  Frankly I wouldn’t be wrong in … Continue reading Three Panel Soul

Kickstart My Art: Clang

Neal Stephenson is a geek legend at this point. I don’t think his first novel Snow Crash would have existed without William Gibson’s early novels coming first, but it’s just speculation on my part unless I get a chance to talk to either author.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Neal’s books and unlike some, I’ve liked each new one better then the last.  What some … Continue reading Kickstart My Art: Clang