Bookmark: Locke & Key

I’m reading “Clockworks” the 5th collection of Locke & Key, the incredibly high concept horror comic series from Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez.  A fun story but more importantly a fun gimmick that centers around the Locke family home (appropriately called “Keyhouse”) where there exist a growing number of magical keys that do strange, wonderful but weird and downright creepy things when inserted into the … Continue reading Bookmark: Locke & Key

Bookmark: Arrested Development

It’s still a bookmark if you’re watching episodes of a teevee show, right?  I never watched Arrested Development but hey, soooo much hype over the new fourth season on Netflix and the first three seasons are free on Amazon Prime.  So I just finished the first season of the show.  Very funny; I can’t remember what else was on in the early Oughts to compare … Continue reading Bookmark: Arrested Development

Bookmark: Fables

(Some earlier discussion of Fables in this post and this post) Fables: The Dark Ages feels like the final final to the big epic “war” storyline of the Fables comic books.  It’s a great tale, fantastic comic — anyone who enjoys playing with myth and meta-ing out on existing stories would love this stuff for sure (Like Jasper Fford? You’ll amost certainly like Fables). So … Continue reading Bookmark: Fables

Bookmark: Sin Titulo

Sin Titulo by Cameron Stewart is a fever dream of a webcomic.  It’s a perfectly disturbing downward spiral for the main character, Alex, who finds a photograph of his recently deceased grandfather with a young woman he doesn’t’ recognize.  Alex doesn’t realize it at first, but in looking for this woman he pulls at a thread that leads to unraveling his entire life. Stewart is … Continue reading Bookmark: Sin Titulo

The Abominable Charles Christopher

I’ve trying out Comic Rocket, a webcomic tracking and reading site, and the first comic I loaded up was The Abominable Charles Christopher, a fantastic webcomic I’ve read at various points but haven’t caught up on most of this year.  I decided to read it over from the start of the archives and it was well worth it. It’s a funny webcomic alright but in … Continue reading The Abominable Charles Christopher