Bookmark: Faith Erin Hicks

I am a fairly big fan of Faith Erin Hicks’ comics. She got her start in pure webcomics but has since migrated to the webcomic collected into graphic novel approach. That approach is favored by several publishers now, including  her most recent publisher First Second Books.   She was recently interviewed on a Boing Boing podcast which is worth listening to. A lot of Hicks’ … Continue reading Bookmark: Faith Erin Hicks

Bookmark: Neal Stephenson

These “Bookmark” posts are useful for me; hopefully a few other people get something out of them along the way. I really enjoy Neal Stephenson‘s books. Unlike Stephen King, another novelist where the length of the book increases with each new effort, I never read a Stephenson book and wonder how badly he beat the editors. Stephenson books revel in their research, the density of … Continue reading Bookmark: Neal Stephenson

Bookmark: Cory Doctorow

I met Cory Doctorow once at a conference called Supernova in Washington DC back in the very early part of the ‘naughts.  It was actually about technology policy which is the fascinating thing about Cory Doctorow, talented and successful writer; he’s also quite an effective public advocate for a number of progressive 21st Century causes, including privacy and copyright reform.  He’s had an impressive public … Continue reading Bookmark: Cory Doctorow

Bookmark: Locke & Key

I’m reading “Clockworks” the 5th collection of Locke & Key, the incredibly high concept horror comic series from Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez.  A fun story but more importantly a fun gimmick that centers around the Locke family home (appropriately called “Keyhouse”) where there exist a growing number of magical keys that do strange, wonderful but weird and downright creepy things when inserted into the … Continue reading Bookmark: Locke & Key

Bookmark: Arrested Development

It’s still a bookmark if you’re watching episodes of a teevee show, right?  I never watched Arrested Development but hey, soooo much hype over the new fourth season on Netflix and the first three seasons are free on Amazon Prime.  So I just finished the first season of the show.  Very funny; I can’t remember what else was on in the early Oughts to compare … Continue reading Bookmark: Arrested Development

Bookmark: Fables

(Some earlier discussion of Fables in this post and this post) Fables: The Dark Ages feels like the final final to the big epic “war” storyline of the Fables comic books.  It’s a great tale, fantastic comic — anyone who enjoys playing with myth and meta-ing out on existing stories would love this stuff for sure (Like Jasper Fford? You’ll amost certainly like Fables). So … Continue reading Bookmark: Fables

Bookmark: Sin Titulo

Sin Titulo by Cameron Stewart is a fever dream of a webcomic.  It’s a perfectly disturbing downward spiral for the main character, Alex, who finds a photograph of his recently deceased grandfather with a young woman he doesn’t’ recognize.  Alex doesn’t realize it at first, but in looking for this woman he pulls at a thread that leads to unraveling his entire life. Stewart is … Continue reading Bookmark: Sin Titulo

The Abominable Charles Christopher

I’ve trying out Comic Rocket, a webcomic tracking and reading site, and the first comic I loaded up was The Abominable Charles Christopher, a fantastic webcomic I’ve read at various points but haven’t caught up on most of this year.  I decided to read it over from the start of the archives and it was well worth it. It’s a funny webcomic alright but in … Continue reading The Abominable Charles Christopher