Taking the Piss Out of the Hardy Boys

Another “I’m only bringing this up because I’m re-reading comic archives” post — this one about Kate Beaton’s Mystery Solving Teens characters.  Taking a somewhat staid cultural item, whether it’s history or a fictional character or book and applying a veneer of knowing sarcasm over it is the bedrock of Beaton’s sense of humor.  She can also deftly point out the absurdities of the original … Continue reading Taking the Piss Out of the Hardy Boys

Yeah Put ‘Em Up, Boss

Kate Beaton is known for lovingly mocking history in her webcomic Hark A Vagrant, but I think most fans appreciate the pop culture blasts too.  I’m not sure her current website archives is actually the exact order she posted things to the web but this is the first appearance of her surly, sarcastic Wonder Woman and already it’s pretty close to the definite Beaton take … Continue reading Yeah Put ‘Em Up, Boss