My Favorite: Videogames: FPS + RPG

There are only a handful of videogames that I have really and truly loved like a book, comic, movie or song.  The ones that readily come to mind are all post-school for me when computer technology finally got to the point where graphics and gameplay enabled the kind of world building and immersive story-telling that was a generation beyond the Atari 2600 games of my … Continue reading My Favorite: Videogames: FPS + RPG

My Favorite: Movies: 1989

I’ve been too busy to focus on this “favorites” exercise for awhile but I’m so close to finishing the Eighties and tackling another decade long list that I just have to dig in and give it another 100%. As always, first a list of movies I’ve seen and those I probably should still get around to seeing. HAVE SEEN: Christmas Vacation, Indiana Jones and the Last … Continue reading My Favorite: Movies: 1989

My Favorite: Movies: 1987

1987 wasn’t a bad year.  I graduated from high school and some pretty memorable movies came out. The Untouchables is easily my favorite movie from that year – a stylish dynamic crime thriller with brilliant performances from Robert DeNiro, Sean Connery and yes, Kevin Costner.  This had to have been one of Andy Garcia’s first roles, right?  Everybody in the movie is quite good.  The … Continue reading My Favorite: Movies: 1987

My Favorite: Movies: 1985

Another year full of movies I remember pretty fondly.  There were a number of movies I actually liked quite a bit while watching them but just can’t list as among my top ten favorites from the perspective of 2013.  Young Sherlock Holmes is a fun and fairly well done movie adaptation of the iconic character with some decent special effects for 1985.  Heaven Help Us … Continue reading My Favorite: Movies: 1985

My Favorite: Movies: 1984

1984 has special connotations due to the George Orwell novel.  It was the year Ronald Reagan won his “Morning in America” reelection to the United States Presidency.  I bet there were some editorial cartoons that year linking the two. It was also the year the Oakland Los Angeles Raiders beat the Washington Redskins (I live in the DC general area now; I still wish the … Continue reading My Favorite: Movies: 1984

My Favorite: Movies: 1983

1983 was during my high school years.  I had forgotten this but just as 1980 delivered a Star Wars and a Superman sequel; 1983 delivered a Star Wars and a Superman sequel. HAVE SEEN: A Christmas Story, Vacation, The Outsiders, Return of the Jedi, War Games, Superman III, Trading Places, Octopussy, Never Say Never Again, Risky Business, The Right Stuff, The Meaning of Life, Krull, Twilight Zone, Mr. … Continue reading My Favorite: Movies: 1983

My Favorite: Movies: 1982

The stretch between 1980 and 1982 was kind of epic for my childhood in terms of favorite movies: Empire Strikes Back, Superman II, Raiders of the Lost Ark and now Star Trek II: KAHNNN!!!!, Tron and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.  Let’s start off with my usual excursion over to IMDB to remember what I’ve seen and what I haven’t but probably should get around to watching. … Continue reading My Favorite: Movies: 1982

My Favorite: Movies: 1981

My last year as not-quite-a-teenage was the year Raiders of the Lost Ark came out.  I saw a pretty random assortment of movies in the theater that year. I remember seeing Raiders, Clash of the Titans, Time Bandits, Taps, Saturday the 14th and Modern Problems pretty clearly. Raiders was easily my favorite movie that year.  It was cool in a way I hadn’t really seen … Continue reading My Favorite: Movies: 1981