Higgs Boson was George Lucas’ first name for Han Solo

Or not. But we are either sure or almost sure depending on your standard of certainty that the Higgs Boson has been detected by CERN and therefore that we have evidence of the Higgs field, the theory that explains mass as a result of elements interaction with the Higgs field. PhD Comics has this very cool video explaining not only Higgs but several aspects of … Continue reading Higgs Boson was George Lucas’ first name for Han Solo

4th Planet from the Sun: Mars

I just finished Kim Stanley Robinson‘s 2132 so space and Mars is already on my mind.  Robinson is probably best known for his Blue/Green/Red Mars trilogy.  All of those books touch on terraforming Mars, the concept that we might alter the atmosphere — the entire planetary system — of Mars such that ultimately it could be inhabitable by humans.  Here’s a video on the idea from … Continue reading 4th Planet from the Sun: Mars

Pop Culture Rewind: Contact

Pop Culture Rewind: writing about pop culture years after it was current. So I watch the movie Contact the other night. First off, I read the novel by Carl Sagan almost 10 years ago. I have fond, but mixed memories of that book that watching the film actually clarified (although I am not realy sure how closely the film follows the book – obviously the film condensed the … Continue reading Pop Culture Rewind: Contact