4th Planet from the Sun: Mars

I just finished Kim Stanley Robinson‘s 2132 so space and Mars is already on my mind.  Robinson is probably best known for his Blue/Green/Red Mars trilogy.  All of those books touch on terraforming Mars, the concept that we might alter the atmosphere — the entire planetary system — of Mars such that ultimately it could be inhabitable by humans.  Here’s a video on the idea from … Continue reading 4th Planet from the Sun: Mars

Pop Culture Rewind: Contact

Pop Culture Rewind: writing about pop culture years after it was current. So I watch the movie Contact the other night. First off, I read the novel by Carl Sagan almost 10 years ago. I have fond, but mixed memories of that book that watching the film actually clarified (although I am not realy sure how closely the film follows the book – obviously the film condensed the … Continue reading Pop Culture Rewind: Contact