Viva La Blog Posts

I’m not feeling all that amazing today but conscious enough to read webcomics and maybe clack on some keys. I noticed that Sinfest actually updated it’s website design.  Still simple but certainly cleaner and with the benefit of newer artwork in the logo. Another thing looking at the Sinfest site reminded me of is that creator Tatsuya Ishida has kept his sparsely update “Notes from … Continue reading Viva La Blog Posts

A Post About Sinfest

Sinfest is the one of the best newspaper comics that never got a spot in the newspapers. (Granted a few rough edges would have had to been smoothed down but at its heart this is a PG comic.)  Rigorously following the format of the newspaper style and religiously updating every single day with a full colour extended Sunday edition, creator Tatsuya Ishida is talented and … Continue reading A Post About Sinfest