My Favorite: Videogames: FPS + RPG

There are only a handful of videogames that I have really and truly loved like a book, comic, movie or song.  The ones that readily come to mind are all post-school for me when computer technology finally got to the point where graphics and gameplay enabled the kind of world building and immersive story-telling that was a generation beyond the Atari 2600 games of my … Continue reading My Favorite: Videogames: FPS + RPG

Mind of Freeman

Half Life is one of my favorite videogames of all time. I only found out about Ross Scott’s series of videos called Freeman’s Mind this year.  Simple but funny – Scott riffs over the action in the original Half Life game as if he was the main character.  It is not at all what I’d think of as Freeman’s personality (although in a remarkably McCloudian trick, Half Life gives no personality to Freeman so that … Continue reading Mind of Freeman